LRF Student Day Program
Welcome to our Student Day Program ENewsletter! We will use this list to send out information about our Student Day Program by EMail. We will normally send no more than one email per month between July and October, and as needed in November to make sure you have the most current information including demonstration schedules, special activities and other details you may need for your visit.

We will also use this list to send information packets once per year via the US Post Office. If you also like to receive the basic information packet in addition to the EMail information, all you need to do is include either your home or school mailing address.

This is an OPT IN list. After completing this form you should receive an email confirming you would like to be on our newsletter list. Many schools prevent newsletters from being accepted, so if you do not receive the confirmation email within a few minutes it most likely means that your mail server would not allow it through your system.

You are welcome to sign up on this list using a personal email address if your school email can not receive our ENewsletter. We will not use this list for any purpose other than sending out information about our Student Day program.

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